Dog Potty Training Tips – Teaching Her To Toilet Outside

If you are to be successful in teaching your dog to wee outside you need a plan of action. It will not work if you do not have some rules, and keep to them.

Whenever you take your dog or puppy outside to wee, make sure you have a couple of treats with you, hidden from your pet until she performs for you in the way you want her to. The object is to reward the behaviour you want from her, then she will likely repeat it. This is the way to success.

Have your dog on a leash when you take her outside to toilet. Young dogs especially are easily distracted by so many things going on around them. So by leashing her you are helping to reduce these distractions. Take your time and be patient with her. When she does toilet, give her a reward straight away.

Decide on a keyword to use when you want her to toilet. This can be a single word, or a two word combination. Examples might be pee, and go pee, but you might prefer to your own choice. Once you have selected you keyword, be sure to keep to it.

Be vigilant when your puppy or dog is inside the house. Watch for the tell tale signs that she needs the toilet. These are likely to be circling movements, or sniffing. When you see this happening, take her outside straight away. You might make it outside in time. If not, do not be upset or angry, but be patient with her.

Signs of annoyance, such as shouting or threatening, will only confuse her and set back all the progress you have made so far in training her to potty outside.

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