Dog Potty Training: How to Make You Dog Stop Eating His Poop

The most hideous and stomach-turning of all dog behaviors would be seeing your own dog eating his own poop. It is indeed a very serious problem for a majority of dog owners. Now, your question in mind is how do you begin dog potty training so that your furry friend stops eating his own poop?
Unfortunately, there will never be an assurance that your dog will get to learn it fast. This article basically gives you ideas that you can try at home and eventually get your own dog learn and stop this appalling habit.

Keep Away from ‘It’

Avoidance is indeed one of the most effective methods in dog potty training. Never make your dog see something that he is not supposed to be eating, and he will never get the chance of eating it. On the other hand, this is near to impossible when going outdoors or taking your dog for a walk. Just ensure that you clean up right after your own dog eliminates so he won’t be able to get into it. Be also cautious and stay away from areas that you are aware of being more “polluted” than other places.

Be a Sensitive Guard
It is important that you accompany your dog whenever he has to go outside to take a moment to potty. Just ensure that you watch him to check if he’s really intending to commit the horrible crime. If your dog does, it is recommended that you use commands that you have taught him to make him obey and reinforce him positively through reward because he listened and followed. An example can be when he’s about to leave to potty, you can command him to sit down recognize him right after he obeyed. After which, you can guide him back into the house and avoid the situation altogether. It has been shared by dog trainers to try framing what you wish to say to your dog in positive terms, so he’d understand what’s expected of him. If you just say, “No!” without informing him what to do, then it does not completely inform him that he shouldn’t be doing it.

Make Use of a Leash
Always make use of a leash to reinforce this dog potty training method when walking your dog outdoors.

Make It Indigestible
There are extensive ways of doing this, even if it can be very annoying because every part of the waste that your dog shouldn’t be eating has to be covered. But, if there are no other methods of dog potty training work, place a bitter orange, spicy sauce or Tabasco on each piece.

Vitamin Supplement
Consult your veterinarian if he can provide something to add to your dog’s daily meals and prevent him from eating things he is not supposed to eat. There is a product called “For-Bid” that you can use. Some people use meat tenderizer they mix with the dog’s waste before every feeding.

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