Dog Obedience Training Advice

You need to know what you are doing when you are doing dog obedience training. So it is is vital you research how to go about god obedience training before you start, to makes sure that you have all the right knowledge and skill to do the right things.

Many people are happy to simply leave their dog training and toilet training them. They would rather allow their dog a free run (to various degrees) than put in the effort required to properly train their dog to be obedient.

A Well Trained Dog

They are making a mistake though, a well trained dog is a happy dog – because it is allowed to do much more. After training the dog can spend time with guests and children, it knows what it can and can’t do (and so doesn’t get upset about being told off), it can spend time in the garden, with the family, and more.

Dog Obedience Tips

So now you know that it is important how do you go about dog obedience training? Dog obedience training involves a lot of knowledge, it is a far too indepth topic to go in to fully here (it would take a full book to cover all the salient points) but a couple of quick tips.

· Try keep all lessons as brief as possible
· Reward and praise as soon as the dog does something right
· Don’t use negative methods such as shouting and smacking
· Ensure the dog also gets to have fun by playing with them after a lesson
· Don’t educate in a vacuum, try to get the lessons as part of every day activities
· Accept it will take time
· If they struggle with toilet training get the vet to check there is no urinary problem
· The dog won’t remember it did something wrong in the past so never scold or punish a dog for an action you didn’t catch them doing red handed.

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