Dog House Training Essentials

For many people, training a dog is not an easy task. At first, your pooch might be too stubborn to abide by your orders. You may even think that your canine friend is incapable of understanding your instructions. Well, you are wrong. The master and the pet’s relationship becomes stronger when the owner devotes enough time, care and love for his/her pet. The dog develops a sense of trust for its master the moment it discovers how much it is loved. Dogs may not understand its owner’s commands at first, but with the help of hand signs, rewards and helpful training materials, the dog will definitely be accustomed to the commands its owner have been giving.

Getting nervous? Don’t be. This article will give you some dog house training advices. You don’t need to be a genius to teach your dogs how to do be perfect pets for at home, all you need are a few gadgets, teeming patience and lots of love.

Here are the things you might need while training your dog:

• Timer- A timer is a tool that will allow you to count the minutes your dog has been doing a certain routine. According to vets, a dog that is continuously playing fetch or walking non-stop for an hour is already tired, but will not show signs until all the energy in its body is drained. A dog only stops if it is extremely tired. As the owner, you must utilize a timer so you will know if your pet is tired enough to move.

• Treats- Food is probably the best treat you can reward your pooch during dog house training. Actually, dogs love food, and encouraging them to do their best with food in bite sizes can give them a hint that once they do well, they will be instantly rewarded. But a food is definitely useless if you will not accompany the reward with remarks and gestures such as patting the dog on the head while saying “good dog”.

• Pee pads- These are pads that absorbs a dog’s urine every time it chooses to pee in an inappropriate place. This thing is helpful especially if you are training your canine friend to urinate in a suitable place (like on the toilet bowl or outside the house). You will not be having a hard time to clean the surface where it urinated once a pee pad is placed on it. Now that avoids your carpet in getting soaked by urine.

Above all, the key to success in teaching your pooches is to be patient. You may have to go about the training over and over again until your dog gets what you want it to do. Keeping calm amidst the wrong habits can positively encourage your dog to decipher the right thing to do. Talk to your pooch as if it is human. The tone of your voice can help your canine understand if you are delighted or poignant with what it has done. Be lively in praising the pooch and be firm when you are lecturing it. Best of all, depend on that love you have on your dog in order to inspire you to be patient during your dog house training.

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