Airedale Terrier Pet Dogs – 5 Effective Tips To Keep Your Dog Well-Behaved!

First, congratulations on your new companion! Before it becomes your pet, you have to do certain things which are necessary for it to be your pet, and not a pest. That lies in your hands.

1. Start training the pup as early as you can. The old saying you can’t teach an old dog new tricks really applies with an Airedale terrier. In fact it applies to all homo sapiens, including ourselves. And so it is with you new pet. The younger it is the faster it will learn. You have to have patience. Remember your first child? This too is your child now. So just as you conditioned your baby’s reactions and actions on your modulation of voice, so too with this four legged baby of yours.

2. Start taking it out of the house early, and again train.. it will strain.. so many new things, so many funny sounds, so many people. It has to get used to it. It has to get used to your command, when outside, it must respond to your command, overcoming all the other sounds and odors from the street. Take it for a walk, let its sense of odor lead it, but by gentle pulling and calm, but firm words, train it to stay away from certain things. Allow some freedom, so that you can instruct it which words it should listen to and how it should respond.

This will help your pet to learn how to behave inside the house and outside, simultaneously. Teach it to whine to go outside – not all the time, but when…

3. In all the above things, your timing the training is the key. Once you see it do something which should not be done inside the house, take it outside. It will take time, but the faster you start toilet training the better off you will be. Teach tricks repeatedly, varying your routine, so that it does not get bored – nor you. It can be fun also.

4. The Airedale terrier is your pet; you bought it for money because you found it cute. In the early days, don’t take out your temper on it. Even if you are in a foul mood. Remember, dogs have an inherent sense of smell, that can distinguish fear from love, anger, moodiness, and it may try to change your mood. It may itself be moody. Stick with it. Later on, when it is trained, you can ask it to go away. It will. Don’t be rough. It just doesn’t know. How can it?

5. Don’t use implements on it to train it. It does not make sense. It will shy away from you when you want to hold it or take a walk. If you show up with an implement, it will whimper and backtrack. Use language, use high tone or soft tone, or even a firm tone. Think of it as your own baby. In a way it is. By all means, coax and cajole. If it does not listen even then, yes punish it, but gently. Show indifference to its whines and cajoling. When putting its feed in its bowl, ignore it. Don’t ask it to eat. Two or three such instances would arouse a signal in its head that Mom’s angry.. better I do what she wants.

If you have to, and I don’t see how you can do it, chain it and ignore it and walk away out of the house, when it doesnot heed you. Learn to be remorseless during its training, not merciless. There’s a big difference there.

At the cost of repetition, and it does bear repetition, treat your Aierdale terrier just as you would your own child. This one has four legs, and you are the only mom or dad it now knows. Treat it as your own child, and you would have a splendid companion for the rest of its day and create a great feeling in your heart.

It’s a wonderful companion to take out for your walk; take it for walk when you are angry or frustrated at your life, and watch how it listens to various sounds, and sniffs at different things, and how it hangs out its tongue at people or barks at them.. that should take your blues away.

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