Tips for Hiring a Local Dog Walker

Do you need to give your dog some great exercise? If so, one of the best things you can do is reach out to a local dog walker/dog walking service that can help you out. A dog walker allows you to also get some extra sleep, so that you don’t have to worry about waking up early to walk the dog. These people can work with just about any schedule, allowing you to pattern your life without having to miss a step. Take full advantage of everything that these dog walkers have to offer by hiring them and allowing them to make your life easier.

First, get in touch with a dog walker to ask about their schedule. Typically, dog walkers have a certain number of pets they can take in for walking services at any given time–similar to a baby sitter. If it is a stretch to get your dog on their schedule, you may be better off going with someone who has a little more space and flexibility. Also, make sure that you ask them about their rates, so that you are not left paying an arm and a leg for the walking service.

If the dog walking schedule and rates make sense for you logistically and financially, make sure that you also learn about the nature of their walks. This means that you should learn how far they walk your dog, where they will walk them, what types of treats or toys they’ll have available and more. This will provide you the opportunity know that your dog will be well taken care of whenever they go for a walk. Give yourself the peace of mind to know that your dog will be in good hands and safe any time that you allow a dog walker to take them out and about.

Finally, you should schedule an interview with the dog walker, just to learn a little bit about them and their previous experience with walking dogs. During this interview, you should give the dog walker a chance to meet your dog, in order to make sure that they can become comfortable with your pet and build a rapport. They will also be able to learn about any special needs that your dog may have, or any personality traits or behavioral information that would be pertinent to the situation. If you feel comfortable with the relationship at this point, you will be able to hire the dog with little to no reservations.

Take full advantage of this situation by giving yourself access to the best dog walkers around. This way, you can hire someone who will take an important errand off of your hands, giving you the opportunity to make better use of your time. There are plenty of credible dog walkers available to you, so make sure that you do some research, take the necessary steps for interviewing and make sure that the pricing model and availability aligns with what you need out of your dog walker.

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