Time To Look For A Luxury Dog Bed!

It’s coming up to snuggle time! Winter is creeping on and we are all thinking of switching the heating on, lighting the fire etc. But how about your dog? Does he have a luxury dog bed to snuggle into?

Luxury Dog BedsWe have had a wonderful summer! Wall to wall sunshine over several months and your dog has probably been looking for a cool spot to lie in – the kitchen tiles, a shady tree a place where there is a cool breeze his bed has probably not been the most wanted place for him to sleep.  But now that winter is almost upon us he will be looking for a place to snuggle in to for warmth to go to rest and sleep after a bracing run around in the cold wind or rain where he will be cozy or just when he feels the need to ‘get away from it all’. At night he will want to be warm and relaxed and have sweet dreams.

Historically dogs are pack animals and even though they have a hierarchy, they love to snuggle up to keep warm, this is for survival in the wild. As a domesticated pet, they also love to curl up beside their owner – for comfort and to keep warm. Sometimes they like to sleep on their owners’ bed – if this is acceptable to you then so be it.

How often to you see him twitching and woofing in his sleep giving you a nice feeling that he feels safe, comfortable, relaxed and warm while dreaming of – well we don’t know what!

What choices are out there? If you are looking for a luxury dog bed they range from safely heated beds, to duvet style beds, mattresses which are shaped to fill a plastic dog bed, a mattress style similar to our own mattress and even a ‘cave-like’ style for him to sleep in. There are even car shaped beds for your boy racer, a chase lounge for your sophisticated pooch, or a fluffy girlie bed for a real lady!  Whichever you choose, remember to buy one which is easily washable! Or better still if they have a mattress of sorts, buy 2 so that you can change one for the other while one is in the wash!

So, how do you choose which is best suited to he needs? First look at ‘his place’ where he normally sleeps. If it’s inside then is it draughty, and/or cool. Will he need a flatbed without sides, a bed with sides – or even one of the new style cave beds where they can crawl in and curl up to sleep. A luxury dog bed is one of the best things you can buy for your dog.  Giving your dog his own space is also a way to keep him off the furniture, carpets after coming in with grubby wet paws or simply to keep him in one place where you know where he is!

For a dog that is kept outside, a substantial building or kennel which is draught free is crucial, but he should also have a luxury dog bed to sleep on where it is free from draughts, and he can keep warm and feel safe.

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