The Dog Whisperer Book and Beyond

Among the dog training aficionados the “Dog Whisperer With Cesar Milan” aired in September of 2004 was a major event. This show caught the interest of dog trainers as well as dog owners; and this show is still going strong after 9 seasons. The  show is about removing the bad habits of dogs, the show featured several dogs with the same set of bad behaviors like chewing the household items, biting strangers and becoming aggressive on seeing other dogs. The host Cesar Milan will then work and eliminate the bad behaviors of the dogs. He used to train the dog owners along with training the dogs. According to him training the dog owner is as important as training the dog.

That TV show is raging success and it led to the release of the book “Dog Whisperer Book”. The book is nothing but a compilation of all the episodes aired during the first three seasons of the TV show. The book has over 150 individual stories of behavioral issues of dog and how to successfully train and correct the issue.  The book has the same frame work as the TV show, therefore it is quite effective for several dog owners. If you are a kindle owner then there is a Dog Whisperer kindle edition as well.

Moving Beyond the Dog Whisperer Book:

Dog NutritionThe Dog Whisperer book is definitely a high quality work by a highly qualified author, however priced around $15 it is a bit expensive, even the kindle edition of the book is around $10. Another draw back of the book is, it emphasize a lot on the entertainment aspect (as it is adapted from the TV show) rather than on educating the dog owners. For the owners who are focusing on a specific issue and are not looking for a book with 150+ chapters, there are few other good alternatives.

One such book that I came across recently is a book titled “Dogs for Kids”. It takes dog training to the next level by helping your kids to train the dog when you just can’t do it yourself. ‘Lack of time’ is one of the major excuses given by dog owners for not training their dog. The Dogs for Kids book, in seven easy steps can teach your kids to train your dog, freeing up your schedule and giving your kids a sense of pride with a job well-done. Your child can now train the dog and achieve the following objectives

  • keep the dog healthy
  • housebreak the puppy
  • teach the dog to be obedient
  • exercise the dog
  • keep the dog safe
  • correct common dog problems
  • and have fun in the process

This book is simple and very effective, it is priced at just $0.99 for kindle and if you are prime member, then you can get this for free.

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