The 5 Best Dog Breeds For Joggers

Dogs make great pets because they bond closely with their owners unlike most other animals. After all, could you ever imagine going for a run with a cat? Having said this, certain dog breeds are better jogging companions than others so let’s take a look at the top 5 runners.

Let’s Run

Best Dog Breeds For Joggers“Many pet owners do not realize certain dog breeds are not anatomically designed for running distances,” says Annie Klacks of “The problem is a dog like a bulldog with a short snout has problems venting and taking in enough air to run for more than 100 feet or so.” If you intend to take your dog for a run of a few miles, Klacks suggests you pick from the following pups starting with the fifth best group first.

5. Dalmatians – Coming in at number five on our list is the Dalmatian. This dog is much more than just a coat of spots. The lean body is designed to run and the dog is known to pace horses on farms. I’m going to go out on a limb and suggest you can’t run as fast or as far as a horse, so this pup should more than suffice for your running efforts.

4. Border Collies – The Border Collie is a highly intelligent working dog. This pup has a ton of energy, so taking it jogging is often a must if you hope to see it calm down the rest of the day. This is particularly true for young collies.

3. German Shepherds – The German Shepherd is a great jogging dog. After all, “shepherd” dogs spend a good bit of time running around flocks as they seek to control their direction. Unfortunately, you need to be very careful with the care of your German Shepherd as they are known to have hip dysplasia problems.

2. Rhodesian Ridgebacks – To understand why these dogs are great running companions, you really only need to know one thing. They were originally bred to chase down…lions. Yes, lions.

1. Weimaraners – The undisputed champion of the best jogging companion is the Weimaraner. This pup is lean with a short coat, which makes it a perfect running companion. At the end of 5 or 10 miles, this dog will just be breaking a sweat and ready for more. The dog can run on streets, tracks or trails so the world is your jogging oyster.

Are there other dogs that also make great jogging companions? Sure. The Australian Shepherd comes to mind, but the pup tends to get easily distracted. While any of the five breeds will be with you step for step, serious joggers definitely go for the Weimaraner.

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