Simple Ways To Make Your Dog’s Coat Shine

As dog owners, we all know how much better our dog’s looks when their fur is looking clean and healthy. While daily exercise and feeding are both top priorities, maintaining your dog’s coat is just as important. It shows that your dog is in tip-top condition while also making it easier to spot changes in their appearance. Matted fur is just one of the many issues caused by lack of care in your dog grooming regime. If left untreated they can become heavy and pull your dog’s skin which often leads to bleeding and irritable scabs. To stay on top and to make your dog’s coat shine, use this guide.

Feed them the right food

Dull and unhealthy coats are primarily caused by bad diets and poor nutrition. So you need to make sure you are feeding your dog the right food and treats. Visit a pet store and ask the staff for advice on what food you should be feeding your dog. You might also want to talk to your vet and research the varying dog food brands. As with most things, the quality will vary and offer different benefits. Food that is full of nutrients and vitamins can improve your dog’s coat as well as enhancing other areas of their health.

If your dog’s coat continues to look dull after changing their diet, it might be being caused by a medical condition instead. Make an appointment with your vet as soon as possible to get them checked out.

Brushing is essential

Regardless of whether you dog has long or short hair, you should be brushing them regularly. Ideally, you should be doing this once every other day. The brushing encourages your dog’s skin to produce oils which can help make their coat look glossy. There are many different styles and types of brush to choose from to suit your dog’s hair length.  Again, talk to your vet or the experts in pet shops to hear their recommendations. If your dog isn’t used to being brushed regularly, be patient and allow them to get used to the sensation.

Regular grooming visits

Sometimes you might not have the knowledge or means to remove excess hair or bathe your dog. This is where a professional dog groomer comes in handy. Experienced groomers will have experience working with your breed of dog and know how to get their coat in a fabulous condition. This is vital if your dog has long fur which requires additional care and maintenance. They can cut, shave, wash and brush your dog with expert equipment and products. Some services also trim the nails. Start looking for a dog grooming service in your area that comes highly recommended. Look at examples of their work and read reviews before scheduling regular appointments.

These simple ways can be used by any dog owner to care for their dog’s coat. No matter what length their fur is, a grooming regime is vital to keeping them fit and healthy. So start implementing these methods and quickly start to notice a change.


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