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The easiest way to make our life a pleasant journey with a dog as our companion is by training him properly. However it is not easy to train our dog in a perfect way without putting in huge efforts. So, the better option is to find help in the form of a reputed dog trainer.  However selecting the right trainer requires research. We try to help you by doing that research for you, in some of my previous articles I have written about the top dog trainers in certain states.  This article is about selecting the best dog trainer in Tennessee especially from localities like College Grove, Franklin, Murfreesboro or nearby localities in Williamson County.

Before talking about the top trainer in Tennessee,  let me list out the most important factors you need to consider before sending your dog for training.

  • Dog Training centers offer different types of training, a puppy training is conducted for your puppies that are under 5 months old. The training usually includes dog socialization, barking abatement and proper housetraining.
  • Then there is basic obedience training for dogs that are older than 5 months. This usually includes all the training that are given to the puppies and in addition the trainer will teach basic obedience techniques. This is where the dogs will be taught to obey basic commands like stand, sit, come and jump.
  • If your dog is through with the basic training then you can opt for advanced obedience training with more complicated commands and interactive techniques.

Canine IncThese three areas are usually covered by most dog trainers, some highly qualified dog trainers will also have agility classes, therapy, sports and ‘search and rescue‘ training. After shortlisting the dog trainers in Tennessee we used several factors to decide on the best trainer and came out head and shoulders above the rest. Canine Inc is founded and run by Mr. Jon Stolzer. Jon is a Canine Behavior and Training Specialist, he is also a highly reputed Police K-9 Instructor/K-9 Unit Former Reserve Deputy. He is a member of  The Pedigree Foundation Advisory Counsel. He is also a highly decorated educator at Mars Petcare, the world’s second largest pet care company (and the largest in the United States). He has developed a whole new method of training dogs named as The Stolzer Method, and is training dogs for various requirements. The most coveted service he offers is the family protection service, where he trains the dog to possess protective skills. The dogs are trained to tackle multiple assailants simultaneously. It is a no-brainer for us to decide on the best dog training service in Tennessee.

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