Reasons to Use a Dog Seat Cover in Your Car

It goes without saying that dogs are man’s best friends, however, they are not friends of your car. A simple glance of your dog’s floating tongue and flashing eyes, when he sticks his head out of the windows while you drive him proves that he thoroughly loves riding along with you in your car. But if you are going on very long trips, or just running errands and make him wait in the car, then he might make your car messy. Dog hairs or a bit of a slobber might not bother you, but it might bother those passengers who get in your car. Your seats getting tough stains and scratches will drastically reduce the resale value of your car. It is always better to prevent than to fix, so instead of cleaning up the mess on a regular basis just block it from your car’s interior to begin with. Go for a dog car seat cover, as it can save countless hours of scrubbing, vacuuming and maintaining your car’s interior. Some of the reasons why you need a pet proof car seat covers are

Some dogs love water and swimming:

Though not all dogs love swimming or walking along the shores of a beach, most dogs love swimming and love to fetch balls or Frisbee thrown in to the beach or a water body. This means they are wet, dirty and salty when they get in to your car after having a fun time in the beach. Dog’s coat will be full of sand, and the sand will fall on your seat when the coat dries off. A good dog seat cover can protect your car from being stained and spoiled due to this.

Protect Your Upholstery:
Pet car seat cover comes in different forms, some come as pet hammocks, with non-slip and water-proof features. So even when your dog is very muddy, you can still have peace of mind as the hammocks will protect your car’s interior from paw prints, water and stains.

Travelling with an untrained and young puppy:

If your puppy is not fully housebroken or very young (that hasn’t developed the required muscle control to hold), then you run the risk of cleaning up your car every time you take him out. As he will be anxious when he travels out on a car. Even if your dog is old enough and is housebroken, it might feel nauseous (just like some of us) when travelling in a car due to motion sickness. Though you can use medications like Gravol, it is better to have a good dog car seat cover that is water proof.

A good dog seat cover usually slips in as well as slides off easily. Therefore, you can simply toss it into a washing machine once it gets soiled or becomes dirty. Most pet seat covers are made with a tailored fit to account for your seat belts, therefore, you don’t need to compromise on the safety of your kids if you are taking them along at the same time.



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