How do I help my puppy with crate training?

We’ve had Dodger for 2 weeks. We keep him in my husbands home office, because my husband works from home and it gives Dodger company. Dodger is crated when he sleeps in the day and is out of his crate but confined to the room when he’s not sleeping. That bit is going well. We’ve had few accidents in the room.

At night, Dodger goes to sleep around 11 and wakes up at 5 or 6 am, when we take him outside to pee. We *thought* things were going fine until this morning, when I put my head way inside the crate, I noticed he’d been peeing in the back of his crate!

I don’t understand because he’s really never been left alone in the house and we don’t confine him to it for a long stretch, other than the 6-hour stretch at night.

Is there a way to remedy this and to stop him from eliminating in the crate?

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