6 Tips to House Train You Dog

Dog House TrainingHouse Training a dog is an important step in dog training. The first step to effectively house train your dog is to have a crate. Crate training invariably works because dogs always avoid urinating and defecating in its house. Puppies cannot control their urges as a grown up dog can, so it is important to understand that even after a successful house training a puppy, the puppy might not be able to control its urge. So to make your house training nearly accident free follow these 6 tips.
Tip #1Feeding your puppy the right way

Feed your puppy at the right time. Once in the morning and once in the evening. Never leave the food out for him to eat all day along. Once he eats his food, take him out. Appreciate when the puppy urinates or defecates outside. Then give him some chew toys




Tip #2 Right Potty Training

In the first few days take him out as usual after every meal. If he doesn’t relieve himself, then put him back in his crate  until the next planned break. After the first few days increase the duration of the time he spends outside


Tip #3 Monitoring and Teaching

If you catch your dog while defecating or urinating just say “No!” and take him out for relieving.  Don’t say anything if you dog has already urinated/defecated. So during the initial days to catch in during the act make sure he is tethered to you as much as possible. This will also helps you to bond with him better.




Tip # 4 Right way of cleaning

Accidents do occur even after the initial training and in such cases, just clean it up and use a pet deodorizer. Don’t use the common room freshener or cleaners as dogs can still smell their waste after cleaning using a regular clear. That smell will stimulate him to urinate and defecate again at the same place.


Tip #5. Taking the right precautions.

There will be days when you will miss a planned “potty break during those days put the dog in a bathroom or any other small room that will not visit during normal days. You can spread newspaper or other waste paper for easy cleaning and minimizing odor. Later you can just clean the place and restrict access to that place.



Tip #6 Night Time Training

If your puppies are too young (under 16 weeks old) then take them for a walk at night. Young puppies cannot control their urges. Make sure to leave the dog/puppies in their crate overnight.

Dog House Training is an excellent experience if done the right way.

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