Preparing the House for a Puppy

Bringing a dog or a puppy home is exciting for the whole family as it is akin to bringing home a new baby. But before the family decides to adopt or bring home a puppy, they need to sit together and discuss whether all the members are ready to welcome the pet or not. Once everyone replies in the affirmative, the chores to take care of the little member need to be assigned to every member. For example, one person can be in charge of bathing the puppy, one volunteering to take him for a walk, one responsible for the food and the others in charge of visits to the vet and medications or sterilisations. This makes taking care of the pup a family affair. Additionally, the climate and geographic terrain of the house needs to be kept in mind while deciding on the breed of dog to get home as certain breeds do not take to hilly terrain or cold, snowy places easily. After zeroing in on the breed as well place from where to get the puppy, it is time to prep the house for its arrival. Apart from thoroughly cleaning the house, a few items need to be purchased for the new pet too.

Checklist for a new puppy

The arrival of a puppy is exciting and the family is ready to shower it with loads of love, but the little pup has a few materialistic requirements too. One can either visit a local pet store to purchase those or check out online pet stores of dog products online Australia suppliers and have them delivered to the doorstep in a jiffy. Online stores are a better choice as they have greater variety of products to choose from including international brands. Also, they offer expert advice and answer specific queries of their customers that in turn help them in the overall shopping process.

The products you can buy for your puppy

The dog products needed to make the new best friend feel welcome include a dog bed, minimum 2 plates for food and water, dog kennels for the outdoors, fencing or baby doors to let the dog play in a demarcated area and leashes and harnesses. Dog bathing products including shampoos and grooming products, bitter sprays to prevent the puppy from chewing on furniture and chewing toys too are also essential. A reputed supplier will offer you with all essentials needed for the pup.

Healing products and flea sprays can also be purchased as well as crates to help make travelling with the puppy easier. Crates can be of plastic or cloth carriers too but it is advisable to use plastic crates till the puppy gets used to being carried around. Another important item is a poop scooper to scoop up the dog’s poop and garbage bags to put the poop in. An identification tag or collar is also very essential for the new pup.

Additional preparations

Apart from shopping all the essential items needed by the dog, beforehand, the new owners must also make their house safe for the furry friend. Electric cords that are loose can be taped to the baseboard. Harmful chemicals and detergents must be kept out of reach of the little one and rugs, plants and breakables should be kept away till the puppy is trained.

Getting a pet home can be a great moment which can be made easy for the pup too by addressing its needs and requirements beforehand and making it feel comfortable in the new environment.

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