Organic Dog Grooming Products

People all around the globe are turning to organic products, however several pet owners still use ‘over the counter’ dog shampoos and dog grooming products for their dogs. Most common dog shampoos contain irritants and other harsh ingredients that can make the dog’s skin very dry. The dog’s epidermis (skin) is quite similar to that of the human’s and it is prone to irritation when it gets in contact with irritants. When it comes in contact with an irritant, the dog might scratch it’s skin and eventually harm the coat. Some dogs might develop rashes and in those spots the fur may fall out. If your dog has allergic reactions, then no medicine can cure it as long as the allergens are present in its shampoo or other grooming products.

Organic Dog Grooming ProductsUnlike cats which have their own cleaning system (they clean themselves regularly), dogs need a care giver to maintain their skin and coat. As a caregiver it is always better to opt for organic and natural grooming products as they don’t have harsh chemicals or allergens. A product is organic only when the raw materials used to manufacture are free from synthetic pesticides and harmful chemicals. Such products will considerably reduce the likelihood of allergies. In addition to these benefits, these natural and organic products are also safe for the care givers.

A recent study conducted on dog shampoos concluded that the chemical pyrethrin (a chemical present in most dog shampoos) in the shampoo might cause autism in dogs. This chemical will not just affect the dogs, but also the caregiver. Another study has shown that pregnant women who used shampoos with pyrethrin are more likely to have a child with autism than women who did not. Our skin is more vulnerable than the canine’s skin and we are more likely to be harmed by these harmful chemicals.

There are several reasons to turn to organic grooming products. A recent study says that pet owners are more likely to be planet conscience. Opting for organic pet grooming products can actually help the world to become a better place. However before purchasing organic dog grooming products, one should also check for the following factors

  • Cruelty Free – ‘Organic’ – doesn’t mean cruelty free so check for it.
  • Absence of chemicals and dyes – some brands claim to be organic but will have some chemicals and dyes, check out the ingredients before you buy
  • Safe for care givers
  • 100% bio degradable

Buying organic dog shampoo with 100% bio-degradable components is good for the dog, the care-giver and also for our planet. There are several trusted online stores where you can buy organic dog grooming products, if you are from Australia then you can buy organic grooming products from the ‘A Boy & His Dog shop‘.


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