Make Your Dog’s Birthday Truly Special

For most of us our dog is as much a part of our family as anyone else is. We all want to celebrate their birthday in a special way. We may plan a full fledged birthday bash or an isolated affair, regardless of what we choose we need a birthday cake for the dog to make the occasion truly special. However there are certain factors we need to consider before making a birthday cake. There are several ingredients that are safe to humans but are hazardous to dogs. We should be cautious to avoid those ingredients while making a birthday cake.

Most of us know the hazardous foods, this article is for those who are not aware of those hazardous foods. Avacadoes, onions and garlic are extremely harmful for dogs, however we will never use these ingredients in cakes, so we can ignore them safely.


Chocolate is harmful for dogs, the compounds like theobromine and caffeine are harmful for dogs. Even white chocolate is harmful as it will have small amounts of theobromine. So don’t go for a chocolate cake.

Macadamia Nuts

Peanuts are safe for dogs, however macadamia nuts are harmful  for dogs. Though these nuts are not fatal, you will see symptoms like fever, weakness and vomiting in dogs for 48 hours. So it is better to avoid this.

Raw Cake Dough:

The raw cake dough when made with yeast is harmful for dogs. It can cause irreparable damage to the stomach of dogs. In extreme cases it may lead to seizures or coma. So make sure to bake the cake thoroughly if you add yeast in it.

Raisins and Grapes:

It is better to avoid raisins and grapes, as they may lead to kidney failures in extreme cases and even mild raisin toxicosis can lead to diarrhea and vomiting.


Many use Xylitol as an alternative to sugar, as it has zero calories. However it is extremely harmful for dogs, as xylitol will decrease the blood sugar level rapidly and might result in seizures.

Making a tasty cake that is 100% safe for your dog might not be easy. If you don’t want to meticulously choose the ingredients and spend a lot of time in baking it, then it is better to buy birthday cakes for dogs. A cake made with organic ingredients and devoid of the above mentioned items should be 100% safe for your dog. A professionally made cake is also generally tastier and you dog will love.

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