K9-Rx – Advanced Dog Food Supplement

K9-Rx is Back! The premiere most technologically advanced dog food supplement on the planet is making a comeback with an exciting new indiegogo campaign.

Advanced Dog Food SupplementClick on the link, view the video and learn why this groundbreaking product will transform your dog’s food into a supercharged bowl of overwhelming nutrition. Created by one of the sports nutrition industry’s leading metabolic physiologists, K9-Rx is an all-natural, human grade, supplement that is flavored with Real Cheese.

It was formulated to fill the gap between the subpar protein, vitamins and minerals found in today’s dog food. Add K9-Rx to your dog’s food and watch an amazing transformation. Customers have seen skin problems, joint problems, fleas and bad breath disappear! Don’t believe it? Click on the link and see for yourself, you wont be disappointed K9-Rx come with a money back guarantee!

So help bring K9-Rx back by supporting their indiegogo campaign and spreading the word. You dog will thank you for it!

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