Is Your Dog Destroying Their Kennel?

If you have ever put your dog into a kennel, the result can vary with how your dog responds. Some dogs are very comfortable with being put into a kennel while you are at work or sleeping, and others make a huge fuss and can even destroy the bedding or other items you placed in the kennel to make their stay more comfortable. Your dog’s behavior in the kennel can be effected by a number of things such as their age, breed, or even whether or not they’re spayed or neutered, so figuring out how to make your pet respond in an acceptable fashion to being put in their kennel can be unique for every pet owner.

Trial and error can go a long way when determining a method that works for your pet, but it’s important not to give up too quickly on any given method before it has a chance to work. I have the benefit of working from home for a company that offers sparklers for sale on the internet, so I was able to devote a lot of time and attention to making my dog comfortable in his kennel. It took me several weeks to find out the perfect mixture of what works for my dog, but these are things that you should be doing no matter what. It will take some time before you start noticing major improvements, but if you stick with it your pets will start thriving in the kennel environment.

Tire Them out First

Dog Destroying their Kennal?One of the easiest and most dramatic ways to see an improvement on your pet’s behavior in the kennel is to tire them out first. Many of the problems with your dog acting restless or hyperactive in the kennel results from built up energy that prevents them from laying down and going to sleep. Try to take your dog for a walk for around 30 minutes before putting them into their kennel and they should respond much better than when they are ready to play. It won’t fix all their kennel anxiety, but you should see at least a small improvement almost immediately.

Make it as Rewarding as Possible

Making the experience of going into and staying in the kennel as rewarding as possible is another way to see speedy improvement on your pet’s behavior. If your dog feels like he is being punished or cast aside when they go into the kennel, they are much more likely to act up. Always lead them into the kennel as calmly as possible and give them verbal praise if they are being well behaved. You should also make sure they are being well behaved in the minutes leading up to letting them out of their kennel so they associate being released with good behavior. If you give your dog attention or let them out while they are barking, whining, or otherwise acting up, you are only promoting this type of behavior in the future.

Occupy Your Dog

Keeping your dog occupied is another great way to keep them from showing bad behavior while they are in the kennel. Only you will know what your dog’s favorite treats or pass-times are, but some of the best choices from my experience include filling a Kong toy with peanut butter and freezing it or giving them a braided rawhide that will take them a long time to finish. You may also want to find a toy or two that they can enjoy while they’re in the kennel. Occupying your dog while they’re in the kennel will help a lot with their behavior because it will serve as a distraction and it will also help tire them out so they can sleep.

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