How to Keep your Dog from having a Car Accident

The number of dogs in urban and suburban areas means that there is a high incidence of traffic accidents involving dogs and cars. These can be quite inconsequential or they can be quite serious obviously depending on the specific incident.

However, whether it’s a serious issue or a minor one, dogs can be injured or incapacitated and this can often lead to death. In addition, it’s always best to have insurance for your dog or pet in case such an issue should occur. So, let’s take a look at tips to keep your dog safe.

Where do they happen?

Accidents occur in a number of common areas:

  • The driveway is very common, especially for small dogs that aren’t seen and fall underneath tyres
  • Off the lead – keep your dog on a leash at all times when walking near a road or place where there is traffic. Dogs get distracted quite easily and often cross the road without the owner’s permission
  • Lost dogs – some dogs just get lost or run away from home. This can cause problems and makes them far more likely to be killed.

How to Deal with a Dog Hit by a Car

If a dog has been hit by a vehicle then it’s important that you bring that dog to a vet or an emergency centre for animals.

Shock is a very common issue after such an event and occurs because the dog is traumatised. Often they will need to be stabilised as soon as possible. If your dog is in shock there are a number of signs:

  • Collapse
  • Fast heart beat
  • Panting
  • Poorly responsive
  • Unconscious
  • Pale gums

The dog will then need to be assessed by the vet, who may need to examine them with scans or an X-ray to see the full damage.

It’s worth knowing that emergency pet care in such a scenario can be quite expensive and so pet insurance is a good way of ensuring your dog is covered at all occasions and without de-habilitating costs to you. Needless to say the best thing to do is to prevent the issue in the first case.

Reduce Risk

There are a number of ways to reduce the risk of a traffic accident and that can greatly help your dog prevent problems. Restricting your dog’s access to places they can get to the road from is certainly one.

Roads are also a big problem and though most accidents occur in traffic, they often happen on quiet roads too. No matter how obedient your dog is you still have to realise it’s an animal and you don’t want your dog to run across the road at a moment when there’s a car passing. It does happen quite often even with the best trained dogs – so always beware and keep your dog on a leash.


A lot of dogs are injured going from one place to another inside a vehicle – in fact thousands a year die this way. Restraining your dog inside the vehicle, especially if they’re able to get into the open is important.

  • Tie leashes to vehicles and not objects
  • Never allow the dog on top of other items
  • Don’t use choker chains as braking will cause problems
  • Keep them away from chain saw
  • Beware of leaving them in heat

Following these tips will greatly help keep your dog safe and prevent issues when out and about.

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