How a Danish Designs Dog Bed Helped My Excitable Puppy Sleep.

To be perfectly honest I don’t know who was more excited me or the delightful Collie puppy we went to pick up one sunny day in the summer holidays.  After many hours of deliberation as to whether we should buy a puppy or not we finally decided that it was an experience that we all wanted to have.  Deciding which breed proved to be harder than we thought because the perfect character traits didn’t always suit the appearance of the type of puppy we wanted.  For me the ideal pup would have been a little dog that could meander along with me at a snail’s pace, it was decided that that type of dog would be yappy and slow so I was overruled and a Border collie puppy was going to join our family.

Finding the Farm

We decided to purchase our puppy from a farm breeder because they happened to be advertising in the local paper at the time and we thought that an animal used to the outdoors would encourage us to take on a less sedentary lifestyle.  The journey to the farm was via an isolated winding country road that tested the strength of all our tummies and totally confused our SAT NAV to the point she just stopped talking and shut down completely.  We had to resort to good old fashioned map reading skills – which of course none of us actually had because we had relied on technology too much.  Anyway we found the farm and excitedly drove into the courtyard.  Our car was packed with items for our new puppy; in the car pen we had a Danish Designs dog bed ready for our puppy to sleep on ion the journey home – or so we hoped.

Danish Designer Dog Beds

Jumping for Joy!

The friendly farmer’s wife lead us to the barn where the puppies were, at first all we could see was a sprawling mass of little black and white fur rolling and leaping about.  One of the puppies was particularly active and looked more excitable than the rest – the lady informed us with a glint in her eye that this little chap was going to ours.  Well than piece of information lead to bedlam and chaos between my children and the puppies everyone seemed to be very excited and our little puppy nipped my son causing him to yelp and cry.  Eventually they all calmed down and we were able to take our puppy, who we later named Charlie, to a quiet area of the farm.

Peace at Last

We were invited into the farmhouse for a cup of tea where everyone had chance to calm down in preparation for the return journey, which I have to admit I was dreading.  Surprisingly the excitement had burnt up all of the energy the children and puppy had and they all fell fast asleep, my son was cuddling up to his blanket, my daughter was listening to her MP3 player and Charlie was curled up in his Danish Designs dog bed fast asleep.

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