Five Things to Remember Before Welcoming A Puppy in Your Home

Dogs and puppies just have their way of mesmerizing humans. You can be just passing a rescue center for dogs or your local dog adoption home and before you know it, you are there playing with a cute canine friend. You might be thinking of German Shepherd puppies San Antonio, Great Danes, Labrador Retrievers, or maybe some of the smaller breeds like Beagles and Boston Terriers.

A lot of us do dog adoption San Antonio impulsively and forget that taking care of puppies is quite a responsibility. Below are things to consider before you welcome home your furry friend into your home:

Puppy Proofing Your Home

Dog AdoptionIf you think you go home and just tell a puppy to stay in a corner, think again. These lovely creatures love to explore and is as curious as the best detective in the planet. Puppy will go around your home, smell things, chew on things, bump on things, and rip things apart.

Before you bring your dog home make sure to puppy proof your home. Keep anything that may harm the animal out of sight. While keeping it safe, also make sure to make the environment interesting for the puppy with obstacles, toys, and treats. In case you do not have an idea how to take care of a dog, a few sessions of basic dog training San Antonio may do the trick.

Potty Training

You will love puppies maybe until you see your new carpet ruined with evidence of his first “accidents” at your lovely home. Dogs also need to adjust to their environment so you need to guide them on which spots on your property they can unload their “treasures” when they have to. Potty training a puppy takes a lot of patience and time. Be ready with a lot of paper towels or old newspapers as they will come handy as learns the ins and outs of his new territory.

Dog friends

While dogs love the attention and affection we give them, they also need to interact with other dogs. Socializing helps your pet to keep his balance. Socializing with other canines will help your puppy be more relaxed and a lot happier. Before allowing your dog to mingle with other pets in the park, make sure it gets its shots first. Try to expose the furry friend to activities that you love to do while also making sure he gets to encounter other dogs in your community.

Dog Boarding

When taking care of a puppy, remember that it cannot survive on its own in your apartment. If you are going away for a few days or weeks, make sure you leave them with other family members or friends. If no one can take care of the dog, you can rely on dog boarding San Antonio to keep them safe and happy while you go on a trip.

Be Firm and Consistent

You want your pet to enjoy your company but the puppy must learn from the start the boundaries it needs to respect. Try to establish a routine to train your dog on things you expect of it. Dog training can be pretty challenging but you just need to be consistent and firm so it will obey your command.

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