Dog Joint Supplements for Natural Joint Pain Relief

Just like men, dogs too are prone to swollen joints and joint pain. In most cases this is due to general wear and tear, aging or injury. However if this happens to an uninjured young dog then this may be a symptom of serious medical conditions like auto-immune diseases, Lyme disease or some form of cancer. This article is about supplements for dogs suffering common joint pain.

Joint Pain in Dogs – Causes:

Dogs tend to get joint pain as they age due to general wear and tear. Obesity is also a major cause of joint pain. Certain breeds are generally more prone to joint pain, especially small pups that are bred for features like short legs. Injuries can also result in joint paint and swelling. Another major reason is poor nutrition.

Joint Pain in Dogs – Symptoms:

The following are the common symptoms exhibited by dogs suffering from joint pain

  • Reduced activity levels
  • Licking the joints
  • Having trouble while rising or lying down
  • Disinclined while climbing stairs
  • Unable to walk at normal speed
  • Mild swelling and heat in the joint

If your dog seems to be suffering the above mentioned symptoms then it is important to supplement his diet with supplements that can alleviate the joint pain.

Joint Paint in Dogs – Treatment:

Dog Joint SupplementIt is always important to address the root cause rather than the symptom. If the source of the joint pain is poor nutrition then it is important to change the diet, opt for dog foods rich in minerals, essential amino acids and vitamins. However if the pain is because of arthritis and general wear and tear then the best option is to go for a nutritional supplement containing glucosamine, chondroitin and MSM. For all form of joint pains mild exercise can help, as it will strengthen the supporting muscle structure and reduce the stress in the joints. However it is important to opt for moderate levels of exercise.

Best Joint Pain Supplement:

A good joint Pain supplement usually has Glucosamine, Chondroitin and MSM (Methyl Sulphonyl Methane). All the three substances occur naturally in the connective tissues of both human and animals. Several research studies have demonstrated that these compounds when taken as a supplement can cure joint pain. However it is important to choose the right supplier, as purity levels and composition vary a great deal between different brands. We highly recommend Lucy Life Pets’ advanced formula for joint pain that contains glucosamine (750 mg), chondroitin (400 mg), and MSM (400 mg).

Lucy Life Pets’ supplement is better than the competition because the supplements are completely manufactured in the USA, contains 100% of label claim and is manufactured in a NASC (National Animal Supplement Council) certified facility. The tablets are chewable and tastes great. There are several cheap supplement brands that are imported from Asian countries, but they have very high levels of impurity and inconsistency in the composition (the tablet composition might not match the label claim). Opt for the best.

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