Dog Grooming For Owners

Until recently dog grooming was reserved only for show dogs; however today it is becoming popular among most dog owners. Studies clearly indicate that dog grooming actually helps in improving the health of the dog. However dog grooming is not for everyone and it requires some training and preparation, so many leave it for the professionals.  Some dog owners think that they can handle grooming at home and save a lot of bucks. While you can definitely save money you will not be able to match the kind of service the professionals offer without proper preparation.  If you are interested in grooming your dog without opting for a professional service, then before you spend money on buying the brush, grooming shears and Shampoo, ask yourself the following questions .

What Is the Type of Grooming You are Aiming at?

Dog GroomingAre you going to simply brush or provide a complete manicure? If you want to go for a complete manicure, then list out all the activities that you want to do, like brushing the coat, clipping the toenails, trimming, anti-parasite treatment, shampooing and brushing the teeth. By making such a list you will be able to decide on the grooming supplies that you need to have while you begin the grooming process. Only start grooming after you procure them.

Where Should I Groom the Dog?

8 out of 10 pups will be uncooperative during their first proper grooming session. So you should decide upon the right place to groom the dog/pup. Professional groomers will use several grooming aids (Aids like grooming aids, nooses, leads and other special equipment), since you will not be having those, you should utilize the bath tubs or other alternative place to groom the dog. Just make sure that the place you select is well contained, else your dog may run around the house blowing the poop all over. So decide upon the grooming area well in advance.

How Can I Prepare Myself?

Since most pups are non cooperative, they will shake of the water over them immediately, so make sure you wear something that is either disposable or can be washed off easily. Also get a good water sopper  to soak off the water from the dog, so that the dog will not well not wet the house when let loose.

There are several online resources which helps aspiring groomers with much needed information on grooming. Prepare yourself by researching those online resources. Our pick is , this site provides quality information on dog grooming.

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