Dog Clothing – Choose The Right One

Today we see a lot of  spoiled pups wearing attractive jewelry and accessories. However this is not a modern trend, for years the affluent bought jewelry for their pets. For instance Winston Churchill’s bulldog wore a diamond necklace and till date celebrities’ like Paris Hilton spend a great deal on their pet jewelry and costumes.

Dog ClothingFor most of us dogs are an integral part of our families. We are meticulous in feeding, watering and caring them. We provide them nice bed and sweater during the winters. However we often ignore their costumes and accessories.

Whenever we talk about dog clothing, small dogs come readily to our mind, the reason is they are easier to manipulate and control. Their small size will add to their appeal when dressed and you have numerous options to dress up a small dog. We will also be able to carry them with us.

Factors to Consider While buying Dog Clothing

1) Look out for a proper fit, in addition to the visual appeal a good fit is also important to avoid health and safety issues. When the clothing is too tight, it might result in restricting the motion of the dog and other health hazards, while a loose outfit might result in the dog getting ensnared in it.

2) It is also important to dress up your dog based on the weather and other environmental conditions. During summers you should make sure to buy an outfit that will not get your dog overheated, as it may result in dehydration.

3) Casual outfits like tess, jerseys,  and sweaters are quite common casual outfits. Boots and shoes might give a more casual look for your dogs. You can dress him up in casuals for most occasions.

4) For formal occasions you should look for a good formal wear. A  tuxedo and a dog bow tie is usually the right outfit for you dog for formal occasions. Be it a wedding party or an anniversary the dog bow tie and a tuxedo is an extremely popular dog clothing.

In addition to these common dog clothing, there are several other specialty items that you may purchase for your small dog. If you are a sports fan then you might want your dog clothing to commemorate your team. If you are looking for something very unique, then you can opt for custom made clothing. Irrespective of what you buy for your pet, make sure to buy it from a reputed vendor.

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