Why do people give dog behavior advice over the internet?

On this site and many others I see average laypeople trying to give advice on how to address aggression, fear and shyness and other behavior problems.

What worked on your dog or what you saw on tv is relevent to that specific situation and does not apply to every dog or every situation. Behavior problems should be evaluated and addressed on an individual basis by a professional. The wrong advice will make problems worse or create a problem that was not previously there.

Dog owners should first contact their local SPCA or shelter for recommendations on local trainers and behavior consultants (some shelters have in-house consultants who offer behavior services – some of the top behavior specialists in the country work for shelters).

While changing behavior does involve working with the dog, a HUGE part of the process is working with the owner, to help them improve their technique and timing. None of this can be accomplished through advice over the internet.

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