Two very important Dog Training Questions…..please any advice?

Okay for the last few days when my husband leaves for work, my poodle starts barking and then goes and poops on the floor, same place same routine.

I don’t get this because when my husband gets up he lets the dogs out and before he leaves he lets the dogs out and our poodle always poops outside, but he manages to squeeze one more out after my husband leaves and then runs and hides under the bed.

Now my poodle is two years old and potty trained, why the sudden change in behavior. (I’ve known poodles in the past to poop out of spite, it seems to be a poodle thing. I’ve never known a breed to do something like that other than the poodle)

Also we have a baby on the way so this behavior ofcourse we need to stop before we move into our new place (So exactly 4 weeks).

How can we go about correcting this?

also both dogs, Poodle and Terrier mix. Don’t sleep in their crates. Our terrier has a bed next to our bed and our poodle sleeps at the end of our bed. Both dogs have been doing this since they were each about 10 months old.

My husband feels with the new baby coming we should start crating them again at night. Atleast until the baby is older. The babys bed will be in our room at first and he thinks we should crate the dogs in the living room.

I feel kind of bad about it.

Is that the best decision? If so when do we go about starting this? When we move that way they think its just a new place thing?

(the dogs have been allowed on the furniture their whole lives by the way)

We are thinking of waiting until we move to start crating them at night. Make it a new place thing so they just think that is the way we do it in the new environment.

My husband always ignores the dogs when he is getting ready to leave. He doesn’t have time to make a fuss over him and this just started a few weeks ago.

Crating the dog in the mornings is going to be hard…..its going to be hard enough at night. Our poodle hates the crate when we are home and screams….neighbors don’t like that. He’ll do okay at night but I will get no rest in the morning (and right now the morning is when I’m getting my best sleep)

What if I just crate him for 10 minutes for the accident. he already hates the crate still not sure why.
I mean we put up the crates a while ago. Well our poodles crate. And we were getting ready to put our Terriers crate up. ( hopefully we still have one of our poodles crates my husband is going to be looking for it over the weekend)

We never planned on using them again really since they haven’t used them at all in the last couple of months. We had just transistioned to gates. We keep the dogs seperated by gates now when we are gone ) (to avoid fights)

So crating again is going to be a rough task but we are going to have to do it

I still don’t have to like it though
NGP, you are a jerk. You don’t know anything. And I’ve blocked you so how do you keep answering my questions. I’m going to be reporting you over this, I feel like you are trying to purposely upset me.

My dogs will be with us until the day they die
I will not have my child growing up in a home without animals. I know from experience what a sad existence that is
NGP, what you are doing is considered harassment you know

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