Strange dog behavior since I’ve been pregnant…..can anyone shed some light on this?

We will start with my grandparents dog since she seems to be the biggest issue. Now I actually was with them when they adopted her. She is around 3 years old, and she has always been a sweet little Bichon/Poodle mix.

And she still is. To everyone but me. I can’t come to their house anymore without them having to put her in another part of the house. She growls at me and barks at me. Something she never did before, its like she doesn’t know me. And we have Saturday Brunch with them all the time. This started right before I found out I was pregnant. Is this related. She still loves my husband just as much as always. (Worst thing is if something happens to my grandparents we are the ones that get the dog….)

I’m actually worried about going over there now….

Second issue my poodle. He is 2 years old. And he seems to have reverted. This started right before I found out I was pregnant. He has started having accidents inside again. (We went back to crate training 101 and every day when my husband leaves whether he is crated or not, he poops. I’ve even taken him outside and tried to wait him out and even if he poops out there if my husband has just left he will still come in and poop. Its really gross)

He also won’t let anyone near me. He gets real defensive even if my husband tries to give me a hug. He is very clingy. He has to be on my lap or right beside me. He has only been like this since I became pregnant. And not only is it not acceptable behavior its annoying behavior.

How to correct this? (Don’t suggest a behaviorist or trainer, already gone that route, we were told he will adjust he has just had too many changes lately with moving and sensing the new baby, they gave us a few tips that we are doing by the book, still not working. Its been about 5 weeks)

My Terrier is the only one that really isn’t phased by any of it. She is just her happy go lucky self.

So is there anything we can do to make my life a little easier?

I don’t work so I’m with the dogs a lot but I find myself going places a lot more now that my poodle is acting out.

Any suggestions would be great!
Annette: My dog does not need a muzzle. He only gets clingy and defensive if someone tries to hug and kiss me, so basically its my husband. But he doesn’t want me around my husband either so it goes both ways. And no he will not be staying anywhere but with us. We are his home

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