Opinions on training your dog with “Positive Reinforcement”?

I’m just curious as to what you guys think about the positive reinforcement (no corrections, no saying “uh huh”, ignoring unwanted behaviour) method when it comes to dog training.

I’m not sure where I stand as I’ve only really started getting into dog training for the past few months so I am just barely a beginner.

I don’t think it is effective when you ignore unwanted behaviour and in most cases a correction should be given. Maybe I’m a hypocrite because I’ve tried the whole positive reinforcement/clicker training methods and they have been successful so far. I haven’t needed to use prong collars or chockers.. my dog walks perfectly fine next to me and has an excellent recall rate ect.

I’ve seen some amazing things that have been taught by Clicker Training (search Kikopup/zsianz1 on YT).

But I’m literally torn between which method is the most effective.

My statements probably aren’t clear.. (it’s probably my fault for being up at 3am haha) but I just want to know what you guys think and what training methods you use.

Star for your dog section contacts? Cheers.

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