I’m so frustrated…..dog training……need advice?

Okay I have two dogs. First of all…..They are perfect when we aren’t at home, they are perfect in public, but at home when we take them outside they are awful. Inside they are fine.

We have done everything by the book.

Training and training classes. We put them through training so we wouldn’t have this problem.

We work with them every day…..we exercise them. But they are slipping and its things that have been out of our control that cause it.

And I’m scared. Now whenever they see a kid or another dog or just some man or woman in the breezeway they start barking at them like crazy. They are becoming extremely territorial and they can’t be we live in an apartment.

I’m overwhelmed and I’ve done tons of research on how to fix this but the more I try its seems the faster they slip.

I mean I put them in classes to prevent this not for this behavior to become worse.

It all started when we moved to this apartment complex….we used to be upstairs now we are on the first floor…..there are lots of bratty kids who yell and shriek and throw things……they are nervous wrecks and I am too.

I know they need a behaviorist but we don’t have the money for that…..our one dog is sick and most of our extra money is going to vet bills….. We just can’t afford a behaviorist.

What can I do? I’m running out of ideas.

Its gotten to the point where at home I am isolating them. Only taking them out when no one is around, only walking them when no one is around.

We can take them anywhere and they are perfect but in this complex they are awful and I don’t know why?

Moving here was the biggest mistake we could have made because the cost could end up greater than it was worth….(it could cost us them)

What can I do? What info can I find
Like I said I know we need a behaviorist…so spare me on that.

Like I said we don’t have the money for one right now….with the economy and the extra vet bills
They aren’t bad dogs but the neighbors are only seeing their bad qualities.

I know its strictly territorial so how do I break that behavior.

(By the way we don’t know any of our neighbors we keep to ourselves for the most part)
I don’t watch the dog whisperer (his methods I hear are outdated and dangerous)

I do watch however “Its me or the dog” with Victoria Stillwell.

Like I said these dogs are perfect away from the apartments on walks away from the apartments (they like people and other animals away from the apartments but at the apartments they are brats)
Our poodle is the instigator (but people are more afraid of our Jack Russell mix and she is the biggest baby but she has a bigger bark)
ADD: Thanks lk

Like I said its territorial but I will look into that and I will try what you suggested….anything is worth a try
they have mostly rawhide bones and bully sticks and tennis balls (they pretty much tear apart other toys they like to remove the sqeaker)

They get normally 2 walks a day (45 minutes and on the weekends they get two 4 mile walks one on sat and the other on sun
ADD: Thank you all for the advice

I’m going to get right on it

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