I have a new dog and need some help!?

I adopted a new dog last week and I have been putting him through the usual tests to see what is “too far” for him (i have small kids) so far I cant find what sets him off he seems to tolerate everything. I’ve had many other dogs and training in dog behavior, ALL the other dogs I’ve ever worked with I have been able to find there weakness but he dont seem to have one.
Any help finding out what it could be ? I may have forgot one thats never happened before or something.

the things i have tryed: pulling ears, tail, pulling hair, picking up, wearing gloves, taking away his food, waking him up, getting in his face (you get a kiss), messing with his feet, his mouth, giving him a bath,

the only thing we have found that he dont like is CATS! (as long as they run) and tape mesures (he runs)!
hes 3 years old basset hound benchleg beagle mix. we adopted him before he could be sent to a shelter (the shelter they were going to sent him to puts down 95% of what they take in as soon as they arrive because they dont have room)
his previous owner was my step fathers brother, and hadnt had him that long (they moved to a no pets home)
we have two other dogs and he gets along with them great!
and we tryed the “testing” the night we got him while the kids were asleep and again after he had settled into his new home and yes he is very settled! (and very lazy)
his name is Midget,
and the only reason we want to find his weakness is for our kids (so we can warn them not to do it) we love the dog but we love our kids more and would find it a shame to have them scared of an animal because we didnt know what not to do to a perticular animal.
we are not encuraging aression we are trying to prevent an attack on our chlidren,
(our kids are 6y 5y4y and newborn)

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