How can I train my dog to do tricks?

A lot of people on here advise taking a dog to obedience school. My dog does NOT have any serious behavior issues, and I have no desire to go to obedience classes. I’m just interested in teaching her to do some funny stuff like roll over, play dead, sit up and beg, etc. I got her from the pound. She is 3 years old. I started off by teaching her “sit,” and we are now working on “down.” But she really only listens if I have some treats out. Without the food, she won’t necessarily do the trick. Also, she won’t always come to me when I call her. She doesn’t run away or anything like that, but when she’s comfortable on the bed, she may or may not come when I call her. Any suggestions? How long should I spend training per session? How many sessions per day? Are cut up hot dogs a suitable treat? I’m afraid to give her too many because I don’t want to upset her stomach and cause her to have an accident in the house. Thanks!
Barbara: I’m not sure what you mean. My dog is small. She is completely house broken. She does not bite, and she hardly ever barks. She has only destroyed one thing in my apartment (the mini blinds), and that was because she misses me when I leave so she tries to look out the window. I have done some crate training to fix that. The only thing left to do is tricks! She never is off the leash in public.

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