How can I handle my dogs behavior?

I have a one year old boxer who is visiting with our breeder and her dogs. He is constantly trying to submit the other dogs. He does not bite but he does a lot of growling and trying to jump up on the other dogs back. The other dogs know he is not fighting so they just stand their ground. What training can you suggest for a dog who just wants to be the boss all the time?

When he comes home I want to have some ideas already planned. While he is there the breeder is working with him as well. Looks like we did a poor job socializing him. He does well with smaller dogs it seems.
thanks for the answers to so far. No he does not jump up on me or the kids. He has been through obedience training when he was younger. He just has this thing with wanting other dogs to submit to him. I have three kids and he obeys all the commands even from my 5 year old. He just has not been socialized well with bigger dogs. I want him to learn to “play nice”. So far the breeder says he just won’t back down. She said he stops arguing as soon as his name is called. So she knows he listens well. I just need some ideas for when he comes home.

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