Dog Training Refresher Question?

We got a new dog about 8 months ago, and we feel he has finally settled in enough to hone his training (he was really stressed about the changes for a while, but now he seems comfortable). His previous owners taught him to sit, but that’s about it. He’s usually a very patient dog.
I’m the only person he really listens to, so he can normally get at what I’m trying to get him to do.
However, I’m having trouble teaching him to “stay.”
He is very motivated by the training treats and toys I use, and sometimes he is overeager to do things I ask.
I have confused him- when I ask him to “stay,” the first couple of times he ran up to me and jumped up on me. I said “down,” and he got down. So I clicked the clicker and gave him a treat. Now he’s got it in his head that if I say “stay,” he’s supposed to run up to me and jump on me, at which time I’ll say “down” and he’ll get a treat.
He does really well at the “down” part, and I want to reinforce that as a good behavior, but now he associates it with the command “stay.”
I’ve kept the training sessions relatively short (10-15 minutes a couple of times a day), and cut them short when he gets too excited.

Any tips/hints?
I’m trying to get him doing more advanced stuff, but he still has some trust issues, and hasn’t totally mastered the basics.

ADD: I don’t know how relative this is, but he’s a 7-year-old Standard Yorkshire Terrier (about as tall as a large Beagle).

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