Bad Breeding? HELP? Dog training/mental problem?

My dog is all the sudden ‘turning’ on us.
He will be a happy little dog one minute. Then his whole expression changes, and he attacks our other dogs/attacks me. No one has been injured YET. He is currently by himself constantly. And i feel horrible.
He is very depressed about being seperated from us and the other dogs. There are other times where we are playing with him, then all the sudden (his expression completely changes) he lays down and acts scared/upset/worried.
I contacted the breeder about this and she claims it’s a ‘training’ issue. Though i have no idea how it would effect him randomly doing this. And it is not consitent problem. He will go without weeks having any problems, then all the sudden his expression changes, and something happens and he attacks/shuts down. I have tried to set him up (repeating what happened when he all the sudden had this behavior change) and he acts normal. We have been to alot of different trainers/behaviorists to look at our dog, and they do not see anything wrong. He has done this once infront of a trainer, he all the sudden shut down and was acting very scared like something was wrong. She saw his eyes kind of glazed over, his expression changed, and he acted strange. We brought him back a day later, did the same things as the previous day. Nothing happened. She also feels that there is something mentaly wrong. Several trainers have mentioned this.
So as you can see we are looking into things that could be wrong.
Any suggestions to look for? We were wondering if we should take him to a normal vet, or try to take him to a university. How expensive are universities compared to normal vets?
We have looked into a form of epilipsy. If the vet feels that there could possibly be a form of epilipsy is there any way to PROVE it?
The problem is the breeder. She will not allow me to neuter him because she wants something out of this dogs father. He is having these problems, i cannot neuter him without her written consent because of a contract.
So basically i was wondering if anyone has ever had any of these problems before, and how to deal with them, what to look into ect.
OH btw we have had a full panel of bloodwork and thyroid done. everything was normal 🙂
Thank you. 🙂

Sorry i forgot to mention the breed!
He is a australian shepherd.
I know now this breeder is horrible. :/ I really do not want to breed him. Like i said, she is blaming me and it’s not ‘his fault’ it’s my fault. She does not believe he has these problems, but training problems. :/
Thank you for responding again Susan.

Yes she lives very close. She would be able to check up on this.
We were thinking about it, but i do alot of dog shows. So she would see the dog is still active.

I know neutering will not make the problem go away. But will remove one factor. At least there will be one less dog passing these things down.
It’s a first shot..then will come the hard decision putdown or keep alive.

I could re ILP the dog once i say the dog has ‘ran away’ but AKC or the breeder could find out. and would cause lots of trouble

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