awkward dog behavior? can puppies pee themselves while the sleep?

I have a german shepherd puppy: max who is approx. 17wks old 43lbs and he is completely house broke and is so so smart. he knows all his basics and everything but these last few days he has just totally ignored what i say to him, he refuses to eat his dog food and insist on begging (which he has never been allowed to do) and he has been getting the the garbage and insist on eating table scraps which i have never allowed due to various reason two of those being begging and trash eating, he is big enough to knock over the trash can and just help himself,. if i tell him no and to go lay down he will walk into the living room and lay down for like 2mins and then he is up and at it again. he always has water and is well fed, and his vet said he was in perfect shape when we went last week and he eats everything. going for a walk there was a corn dog stick he picked up and was trying to eat and he ate 2 bugs which is so gross lol.

is there a reason why he is acting out so much? he is also starting to disobey on occasion and he goes through everyday basic training and things so he doesn’t forget.

also and this may be due to his strange appetite but he just pooped in the floor like nothing and he is housebroke, then he way laying down and he just got up and on his bedding he was laying on was covered in pee. I called our vet, but they were out the assistant said it was prob. nothing just watch for signs of lethargy and other things

is this normal puppy behavior? can puppies have accidents while they sleep?
i have had him since he was 5wks old he was a rescued puppy his old family gave up a litter to animal control to get their female fixed it was some program, i take him out every 1 to 1.30 he will wake me up every day a 5 in the morning to potty and round the clock during the day he will whimper he has not had an accident since he was 9wks old.

when the incident occured i had already taken him out i watched him potty brought him back in 5mins later he was sleeping by feet about 15 mins later he moves to the other side of the room and i stood up to check on him and stepped in his pee where he was sleeping, i am not expecting to much from him, i follow a training program recommended by my vet, i never said he couldn’t have had an accident i said he was sleeping cause he was i know my dog, i know it wasn’t just an accident cause he just went to the bathroom twice in fact i watched him go i hope this doesn’t seem like an attitude cause it wasn’t meant to be
Above: i wasn’t being sarcastic either it was not to be viewed with as an attitude I know with text it is hard to tell sometimes so i just wanted to let you know that i was just kinda giving you some info as to why i worded the question the way i did when i said completely housebroke i meant in the sense he hasn’t had an accident not in the fact he couldn’t control his bladder sorry… i know it is normal for puppies to have accidents but i wasn’t sure if him being asleep was a bad thing or not

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