Does Your Dog Need Dog Diapers?

There are millions of pet owners who face the difficulty of managing an incontinent dog. If you are one, then you would be well aware of the  inconvenience and the trouble that an incontinent dog can cause. You should face issues like urine stains and odor on your floors and carpets. These stains and odor can be very hard to remove completely. Instead of finding a product to clean the stains and odor it is better to prevent it. The reason for incontinence may be illness or age. However the major reason for incontinence is improper or no house training. Though house training can improve the condition over a period of time it is always better to opt for canine diapersuntil then.  You should opt for a dog diapers if

  • Your dog is undergoing house training
  • A female in heat
  • A male dog trying to mark its territory.
  • Your dog has some illness
  • A change of your location (shifting to a new house/apartment)
  • If your dog has become old.

Today dog diapers are available in varied sizes and forms and you can modify it too. So you should be able to find the diaper that will exactly suit your dog’s needs.

Types of Diapers:

When it comes to diapers there are three main types.

  • The washable diapers
  • Disposable diapers
  • Biodegradable diapers

Dog DiapersWashable diapers are quite popular because they are more often used as an attractive accessory than as a diaper. These washable diapers are usually made of cotton fabric with a provision to place a disposable liner. Other types of washable diapers have a protective coating outside to prevent any leakage or diffusion.

Disposable diapers are easy to use and dispose, they become expensive over the long run and also not environmentally friendly. These diapers are completely sealed with a contoured opening for the tail. Biodegradable diapers are easy to use and also are good for our environment. Nowadays diapers are available in numerous sizes and are  breed and gender specific, thereby making it easy for you to choose the right one.

Things to Do Before Diaper Usage

It is better to trim your dog’s fur, especially around his genitals. Doing so will prevent rashes and other infections. Urinary infection is common when the diapers are not changed regularly, so make sure to change the diapers often. Make sure to wash the genitals and the area around his genitals every day.

Dog diapers are extremely convenient during house training a day or when it is sick. However it is not an alternative for proper house training. Choose the right dog diapers from reputed manufactures and use them wisely.

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