Different Types of Dog Crates and Their Use

A dog crate is considered by many pet owners a an essential piece of gear to have for your dog. Many pet owners use their dog’s crate¬† as a bedroom or den for their pets. When used in this fashion your dog can enter, or exit the crate whenever they wish. Another common use for a dog crate is using it to help housebreak a new puppy. Using a crate for housebreaking makes the task of teaching your pup where to eliminate much easier as dogs will naturally avoid eliminating in the area where they sleep. Crating a pup can also keep them out of trouble. A puppy left to himself to wander the home, or property can be dangerous to the pup and costly for you. If you are unable to supervise your puppy it is much safer to keep them in their crate during the times that you are not around.

Dog CratesFor anyone wishing to use a crate in their care for their dog, making the crate resemble a den is one of the best ways for your dog to quickly take to their crate. Dogs are den dwelling creatures and naturally desire a den like enclosure. For a dog, a den offers a measure of security as it separates them from the world around them and gives them their own private safe environment where they can relax, sleep and raise pups. There are different types of dog crates to choose from, some of the common styles that can be found are wire dog crates, plastic dog crates, and wooden dog crates. Each style of crate is designed to meet a need. A wire dog crate can be an excellent crate for teething puppies, or dogs that like to chew as their wire mesh makes them chew-proof. Most wire crates also offer a pan at the bottom of the crate making any messes easy to clean up. A plastic dog crate, on the other hand, can make a great crate to use for transporting your pet as their sturdy design allows the crate to withstand abuse that comes from moving it around when used for transport.  Wooden dog crates are designed to be both a stylish piece of furniture, and a dog crate. Many wood dog crates are made to be living room end tables, or bedroom nightstands, their design makes it easy to incorporate your pets gear into the home without having to sacrifice your homes decor. Wire dog crates are also commonly used in the house, however they can be unsightly and clash with home furnishings. A solution for this is to use a dog crate cover. Dog crate covers are designed to convert a open wire dog crate into a private den for your dog, they also come in many different prints and fabrics allowing you to find a cover that complements your home decor and furnishings. A crate cover can be an economical way to spruce up a unsightly wire crate compared to buying a wooden dog crate. Many dog crate covers also have matching dog crate mats that make for an attractive crate set-up while giving your dog a comfortable den-like enclosure to rest in.

Dog crates are versatile and have many uses. When used responsibly, a dog crate can benefit you and your pet in many ways. The key to finding the right crate is to match the crate to your needs this will help insure that you end up with a crate that will work well for your situation and also last you many years.

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