Choosing The Right Local Dog Boarding – Seattle

No matter how devoted dog owner you are, you will still want to take a vacation to a place that is not suitable for your dog. This article will deal about choosing the right local dog boarding facility, especially for Seattle.

The moment you decide on going for a vacation without your pet dog, a  good local dog boarding will be invaluable. You can find several dog boarding facilities if you go through the yellow pages or local directory. However the important thing is to find a good boarding kennel that will make your pet’s time away from you as happy as possible.

The foolproof way to asses a boarding kennel is to visit it, once you visit give attention to things like

  • What a regular day holds for a dog.
  • Do the dogs get exercise and do some activities.
  • The number of times the dog will get to have activities like free running or lead walking.
  • Is there a grooming and training facility.
  • Do they allow you to bring your dog’s bedding and toys.
  • What kind of food they provide. Will they let you supply food for your dog.
  • The time at which your dog is fed. Is it in sync with your timing.

Seattle Dog BoardingA good boarding kennel will try to make your dog feel at home by replicating things that your dog is used to. Also if you have more than one dog, leaving the dogs together might be a good idea. In Seattle there are several dog boarding schools and If you are trying to choose a quality Seattle Dog Boarding, then make sure the facility complies with the checklist above.

If you have a friend or a neighbor who owns a dog, then you can discuss with him/her about the facilities in the dog boarding kennel they choose. There are a few good boarding places in Seattle which provide excellent care like Stella Ruffington’s; they provide entire range of services and facilities from day care, boarding, grooming and training.

You should also be prepared for any unforeseen issues,  so make sure the dog boarding kennel is registered with a local vet in case the dogs needs treatment. It is also good to know if the staff are qualified or if they are members of any professional body. Another recent development is the use of webcams, some dog boarding provide you this service, and you will be able to keep an eye on your dog from any location in the world provided you have internet/wi fi connection.

Ultimately, after checking for the availability of these basic requirements you should rely on your instincts on deciding about a dog boarding kennel. Ask all the questions you have before you leave your dog so that you can have a peaceful vacation.

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