Why do people feel its necassary to tell others they should fix their male dog?

In todays world, with all the information out there, there is not real reason to have your male dog fixed. Worried about over population, guess what, have responsibility on where your dogs goes and what it does. Cancer?? Read the link I pasted. In fact, it actually hurts your male dog to have it fixed, it is even more pronounced in large breed dogs. I have posted only one of many links that say the same thing over and over. In todays world, there really is no reason to fix your male dog other then if you dog actually gets cancer of a testicle. As the link says though, if you are a responsible dog owner and are doing regular checks of your dog, in the vary rare case of testicular cancer, you will catch it with more then enough time to have it taken care of. Should we remove the dogs eyes so it doesnt have eye problems. Should we remove one of the dogs kidneys so there is only half the chance of kidney problems? Let me know what you guys think.
In addition, if you are going to post a link, please make sure it is from a certified vet or doctor. Not just a group that is going to argue for only one side no matter what.
over population is a poor excuse in my opinion. We need to go to the real reason of over population. People are buying dogs without knowing the responsibility of owning a dog. Most people dont buy a dog and just let it roam the streets to impregnate any dog it sees. Most of the dogs that are euthinized (spelled wrong, I know), every year are at the pound becuase people say, “oh look, there is a lab puppy, they are so cute and the most popular dog according to the akc, lets get it”. They dont realize that labs are one of the most high energy dogs around and if they dont get the excercise from their owners, they will find another way to get their exercise. Same with all the am staffs and apbt’s at the pounds. Very high energy dog that people buy as a puppy and get rid of 4 months later. Spaying dogs is obviously not the answer here, we have been spaying dogs and we still are killing more and more of them every year. We need a different answer to over population in my opinion.
Someone asked the question, “What is the reason to not fix our male dogs” There are numerous studies that show it is bad for the health of your male dog to have it fixed, exspecially before 2 years of age in large breed dogs. There are numerous health issues that occur with male dogs that are fixed before 2 years of age. See the site I posted for the list.
TO Saphire–
I am not educated enough on cats to accurately comment on them. I know though that a lot of cat owners like to let them outside. In this case, I believe you are correct, and fixing is the only choice in this situation.
so far you have shown that you know less about dogs then anyone else that has given me an answer. I said absolutely nothing about not wanting to fix male dogs because of the pain they feel. This is a assumption you have made on your own. You know what they say about people who assume. In addition, it is an absolute proven fact now a days that it is MUCH HEALTHIER for your male dog to leave him intact. For female dogs it is much healthier to have them spayed. Just to let you know, boys and girls have different body parts. Not just on the outside, but the inside to. The only thing that fixing a male dog prevents is testicular cancer, which is very, very, rare in dogs and easy to catch. The negative health effects of fixing your male dog is a much longer list, and much more frequently occuring cancer as well. Read the link I left. I could paste 50 links by doctors and vets that say the exact same thing. This info is almost common knowlege now a days.
To sclarm–
When you say 90% of owners are not responsible enough to keep an intact dog, what do you think they are doing to cause their dog to impregnate other dogs. Are you talking about them buying a female as well and having puppies. If this is what you are talking about, I agee with you but I dont think the number is as high 90% though. What do you think is the answer though, it has been proven that you cant fix male dogs at 12 week of age as this would be extremely unhealthy for them. So would we say, no one can own a dog until it is old enough to be fixed? This obvioulsy isnt the answer. This leads me back to what I have been saying, the problem is the people, not fixing the dogs. Let me know what you think please
That is an old myth, roaming is not effected by fixing your dog. How would your dog impregnated other peoples female dogs?? The owner of the male dog would have to let his dog run free at the same time the owner of the female dog would also have to do the same thing, so once again, it comes back to the people, not fixing the dogs.
Your “stray dog” story is very unlikely. I understand what you are getting at there but in reality if you are being 100% honest, how many stray dogs have been able to wander in your back yard. In the last 12 years that I have owned my own house, it has never happened to me. If a stray dog can get into your yard, that probally means your dog could get out which means you should be a little more responsible with putting your dog in a secure yard. Talking about prostate cancer, they have now found out that it is the opposite. Fixed male dogs are almost exclusively the only ones getting the highly malignant prostatic cancer. That is the one that will kill your dog and there is little that can be done for it.
You are correct about male to male aggression. This is the one thing that fixing your male dog will tone down. It wont make your dog any less active though, if you dog is really energetic before getting fixed, nothing will change in that area after getting fixed. Yes, it will make an aggressive dog less aggressive twords other male dogs though.
Additional for Stephanie–
Even though testicular cancer is very rare with intact male dogs and us usually benign when it does occur, you said you would rather be safe then sorry. Why dont you have your breasts removed so you dont get breast cancer. There is a much, much, higher chance of a woman getting breast cancer then a fixed dog getting testicular cancer. Wouldnt you rather be safe then sorry??
TO honeysadsam–
Very good answer. Thank you for answering my question and not attacking it. My comment about the ears and kidneys was aimed at the fact that studies are showing that male dogs need their testicles for their overall health as much as they need their eyes to see or both of their kindeys to function. Looking back at my comment, you are correct about the eyes though, I should have left them out. The kidneys I think are a good example. I suggested removing one kidney because your dog can still live with only one (his body wont work as well) but it cuts down on the risk of having kidney cancer. Same with the testies, your dog can live without them, but he wont live as health of a life. About people breeding who should not be, then I ask what do you believe the answer is? We know we cant fix all dogs between 8-12 weeks old, and we know we cant just say people are not aloud to own puppies. See next paragraph for continuation.
How bout how Germany does it, you need to have a liscense to breed and all the dogs you breed have to past a health exam including stuff like good hips, knees, eyes, before you can breed those two dogs. If anyone is found breeding dogs without a liscense, they are punished by the law. I think somehting like this would be great. What do you think??
You need to realize that you have been brainwashed. I am not trying to insult you so dont take the word “brainwashed” as an insult. It is just the correct word to describe the way a lot of people think on this subject now a days. I dont want you to even look at the site I posted, go do the research for your self and come back and post an answer. There is tons and tons of new information out there that talks about how testicular cancer in non fixed male dogs is extremely rare and on top of that it is almost always benign. It also talks about how almost all the dogs that are getting the highly malignant prostatic cancer are all fixed males. That is the cancer that will kill your dog. You will also find a laundry list of other health problems that come with fixing your male dog. Ask your vet, my vet just made the switch about 6 months ago. He was always telling me to fix my shepherd and now he told me to be glad i didn’t. Expecially not as early as use to be reccomended.
It has nothing to due with insecurities, it has to due with the health of male dogs. Please try to learn something about dogs and try to provide some useful information to this question.
To gg-
A intact male dogs chances of getting testicular cancer are very rare and on top of that it is almost always benign. I will go research the exact numbers and post it, you wont believe how ridiculously small the chances are. In addition, the bad effects fixing your dog has on its health is much greater. Almost all the cases of the highly malignant prostatic cancer are found in fixed male dogs. This is the cancer that will kill your dog and is much more common then testicular cancer and is almost never found in intact males.
To Volven–
Good answer, and I deffinately agree with you about not just randomly removing my appendix to prevent an infection or to just fix a dog solely for the reason of preventing testicular cancer.
Great dane lover–
I am not just reading anti-fix literature. There are a lot of studies and vets out their that are saying that they believe there are more health problems from fixing your dog then not fixing your dog. I could sit here and paste every site I have gone to but you can do the same search I have done so I just pasted the last one I read. Is it your opinion on just a stictly health basis, that it is better for your male dog to have him fixed? If yes, then what age would you recomend to have him fixed?
To believer–
If you read my responses, you will see that I am more then willing to listen to other peoples responses, that is the whole reason I posted this question. That is why I have spent the last hour responding to what people have said. The problem is, most people are saying they should be fixed because of over population. As you can see from my responses, my next question is how to handle the over population by making people fix their dogs because what ever we are doing now, definately is not working. I mentioned maybe doing something along the lines of what germany does. Only liscenced people can breed dogs, and all dogs must pass a health exam before being aloud to breed. What do you think the answer is?? Also, if you read my previous questions, I deffinately dont just choose one of the people that agree with my point of view as the “best answer”. I choose who answers the question I ask, doesnt insult everyone, and uses factual information with reference if possible.
I have spent a lot of time reading all the positive and negative effects of neutering a male dog. The conclusion I have come to is that anyone can make either argument depending on their view. All the people I read about that are for it, make the information look good for them, just the same as all the people who are against it do. Its impossible to wade through the b.s. to find the truth so lets try this.
WHAT DO YOU THINK THE BEST WAY TO DEAL WITH THE OVER POPULATION PROBLEM?? Is a method simular to germanys the answer, where you must have a liscense before you breed and both dogs must pass a health exam. Do you have a different answer, lets hear it!!
the fact that you say there are “no” health problem that occur from spaying or neutering your dogs shows that you are being dishonest to try to prove your point. There are absolute proven health problems that occur, any vet would tell you this. The argument is that there are more problems that occur from not fixing your dog, but to say there is not a single health problem at all that occurs from fixing your dog is just plain false.
We are talking about percentages, not total numbers. With the the ailments I am talking about the fixed dogs have a higher percentage, not just total number. Nice attempt at trying to fool people with word games though. If there are 100,000 fixed dogs and 1000 intact dogs and 80% of the fixed dogs get colan cancer and only 20% of the intact dogs get it, that shows that the fixed dogs have a higher potential for the cancer. I am arguing with the people that support spaying and neutering because I dont agree with them, if I wasnt willing to listen, I would just ignore them completely or respond and not give them a chance to respond back. Its called communication. If I just said one thing and they responded and I said ok I wouldnt get the answer to the other thoughts I had.

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