What is a good medium-sized breed dog?

so yeah, i’m about to turn 18..i’m starting my senior year..so on. my family already has a small dog, but i would really like to get a puppy.

i could really use some advice on the best all-around medium size breeds. one that’s easy to train and good with kids [because i have a niece that’s eight and a nephew that just turned one].

also, if you have any links i’d love to check them out.
see, i really want a lab..and my brother has three [at his house, of course].
they just get really big.
when i go to college i don’t want my mom and dad to hafta deal with a horse of a dog while i’m gone.
i won’t be too far from home though..about 45 minutes. so i’ll be home a lot on the weekends. after my first year i’m moving into an apartment and i want a little companion.

you understand =)

also, i live on the water..so i need a dog that loves to swim more than i do haha.

thank you to everyone that has already answered!

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