What, do you think, is the best dog breed?

I’m interested in purchasing a dog but don’t know which would best fit my life. I live in a city with several parks, that caters to pedestrians. I live in a two-bedroom apartment that’s not incredibly cramped but doesn’t have a huge amount of room. I do have a car though I rarely drive it. Small to medium size dogs are allowed on the bus and train if in a carrier so I’d prefer a small to medium breed. I have a large family and would need a dog thats good with kids, though I understand this comes down to individual temperment of the dog. I work regular full-time hours though I sometimes need to work late nights. I’d likely hire a dogwalker for walks during the day and to check the dog if I work late. I live with a roommate who would be occasionally available to walk the dog but this would be my own dog, not his so I couldn’t depend upon him to entertain the dog.

Basically I need a small to medium size dog who’s energetic, but I can leave him/her alone occasionally, though never more than a few hours. What do you think? I’m sure there a bunch more variables I’ve forgotten.

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