Toy Dog Breeds Advantages and Papillons

Breeds of toy dogs that tend to get along well with older children that are less likely to make loud noises, suddenly run or jump around or do something completely unexpected are more numerous. These dogs typically respond well to children, especially if they have been raised in a household with calm, respectful and responsible kids.

Each of the types of toy dog breeds require different types and amounts of care, training, food, and exercise. They have different “personalities” and drive, so if you want to own one, do take care to research their good points and the less liked points of behavior and health which apply to each toy dog breed.

Take care to gain your information from kennel club web sites, because depending on reading only the descriptions on the breeders sites may not alert you to some of the aspects the toy dog breeder may shall we say fail to see due to their familiarity and tendency to wear what we might call “rose tinted glasses” when thinking of their own sweet toy dogs dogs.

Nursing homes and adult care facilities have found toy dog breeds to be soothing for their patients. Contrary to common perception, there is no law preventing animals from living in nursing homes. Very many of these facilities have found the toy dog breeds to be very soothing for their patients, and with careful breed selection to match the care home residents physical exercise capabilities are not demanding on their ability or staff time to exercise them.

We are great fans of the toy Papillons, which unlike many other toy dogs, are not just a lap dog. Owners claim that this toy dog breed is truly well rounded in its personality and is a big dog in a small package.

Papillons, although dainty and small they are quite capable of taking long walks with their humans and often excel at the energetic sport of dog agility. The Maltese are another example of very robust daintiness, and would also feature in my list of toy dogs to consider.

We think that Papillons are wonderful spirited toy dogs, and find that their devotion as a companion are second to none. Papillons from the best toy dog breeders have been carefully selected for their own special traits, personalities and conformation.

Just like any dog, early socialization and training of the puppy to curb excessive barking and leg lifting is required. We would like to stress that even though these dogs are very small, they still enjoy lots of playtime and long walks. We also recommend consistent obedience training for these dogs just like dogs of any size the owner should be able to control them when in any public location.

Finally, if you are considering a toy dog breed have you thought of buying an adult dog? Adopting a homeless dog is not just the epitome of kindness. In fact the investment is one in loyalty, devotion and companionship for a lifetime. Adopting a really sweet toy dog is like giving a lease on life on the animal and having lost one owner they seem to heap even more devotion on a second owner.

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