Top 10 fastest Dog Breeds

Can you imagine the beautiful view of a dog, born to sprint when it get released from the leash and run off free. An ordinary dog can develop 32 km/h, but there are breeds that are born to run and gallop.

The fastest dog breeds  are the hunting ones. These include Greyhound, Saluki and Whippet. When hunting, they rely on their vision and run with the speed of the wind.

There are several qualities that make the next 10 breeds so fast. They have long and lighter bones and more fast muscle fibers than other dogs. Fast muscle fibers enable them to start and sprint faster than others.

  1. The winner in the category “fastest breed” is the Greyhound. This is the undisputed champion on short distances. It speeds up to 72 km/h and has the second acceleration only after the cheetah, which can develops 70 km/h with only 3-4 steps. Greyhound develop the same speed, but in 5-6 feet.
  1. The Hungarian Vizsla develops near 70 km/h. This breed is a great sprinter and a famous hunter.
  1. The Saluki has a mix of slow and fast muscle fibers. This breed is not only fast, but also very durable. They can run for hours without getting tired.
  1. The Whippet‘s name comes from the word “Whip”. This breed can develop speed up to 56 km/h and can outrun a grizzly bear, white-tailed deer and even kangaroo. As with many hunting dogs, the speed of the Whippet is due to its unique system of repression, called “double gallop sagging.” These dogs have a great resemblance to the horses – when running their four legs are raised off the ground.
  1. Don’t et the size fool you, the Jack Russell Terrier is a very fast dog. Some representatives of the breed were detected to run with more than 50 km/h.
  1. The Borzoi is a rare and strange breed – a cross between Greyhounds and unknown Russian dogs. It can run with 48 km/h.
  1. The Weimaraner can develop a speed of about 46 km/h. In the past it was used mainly for hunting deer.
  1. Well built and muscular, the Doberman is known not only as a police dog and an excellent watchdog, but as a very fast animal. Some specimens can run with 45 km/h.
  1. The Dalmatians are also known for their speed, which in some cases exceeds that of the Dobermans.
  1. These wonderful dogs are still used on many farms in Europe and the US. The Border Collie can develop a speed of about 45 km/h.

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