The Fantastic Chow Chow Dog Breed Facts And Essential Information

We are writing this article is to keep the public fully informed about the various breeds of dogs available to them. This article will focus on the Chow Chow in particular. Lots of people decide that they want a dog strictly because they like the look of the breed. This is not a horrible thing if they can truly look after the breed of dog well, however for some individuals the care for specific types of dog breeds is not possible.

The only way to avoid any surprises after the adopting or purchase of a dog is to understand the breed and what it takes to care for it. We will go over some of the basic characteristics of the Chow Chow to help you get a better understanding of the Chow Chow as a breed and possibly a new addition to your family.

The Chow Chow is a very independent breed by nature. They are very loyal to their owners but usually do not respond well to strangers. They have a strong following; and require a lot of attention for those that are not very educated about the breed. The Chow Chow is usually hard to get excited about much. They live comfortably and quietly by themselves and rarely see the need to move with any considerable speed, therefore demand very little exercise.

This breed is not very demanding with regard to food as the only weigh about 59 lbs and stand 22 inches tall. The bulk of their size is fur which can be deceiving, and that is why the grooming of a Chow Chow is a very demanding task. Often considered an ill tempered breed, the Chow Chow is not a very good family dog and the owner should be weary of this dog around small children.

We hope that we have assisted you I your quest for knowledge and understanding of the Chow Chow. Please look below for some additional resources. The first thing you will want to do is see what the Chow Chow looks like. The next thing you will need to do is house train your Chow Chow.

We find that one of the most common reasons that someone will get rid of Chow Chow’s is that they are not house trained. There is a wonderful manual that can be used and you will find the link below. Lastly we want you to show off your new Chow Chow. There is a wonderful online dog community complete with a forum for you to post pictures to. Check it out.

The key to success is to love your Chow Chow and nothing will help you achieve that more than bonding with them. Spend time with your Chow Chow and make them a happy and healthy addition to your family.

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