Most Popular Small Dog Breeds – Most Favorite Small Dog Breeds

Are you willing to get a small dog? Are you wondering what is most favorite small dog breeds are?

People get small dogs for a lot of reasons . Small dogs are easier to handle , easier to take to travel with you

, and small dogs eat less , so it is lighter for your pocket. Another main reason for having a small dog is

lack of living space.

These are good reasons for having a small dog. Others reasons could include that small dogs are good companions.

You make ask , what is most favorite small dog breeds?A small dog is the second most popular dog in the United States.

According to AKC (American Kennel Club) the Yorkshire Terriers takes second place in 2006 with Golden Retrievers.

These little dogs are favorite for many people . With their zesty personality and penchant for adventure , they are very funny and playful dog breed.

Second places belongs to this popular small dos Dachshund. They just weight eleven pounds .They have a bold and adventurous personality.

Next place belongs to the Poodles . They weight only from four to eight pounds , they are perfect for sitting in your lap and being your companion . Poodle will want to be wherever you are

All small dogs should not be left outdoors because they can not tolerate cold and they are getting miserable if you separate them from family.

In summary i prefer choosing any from these small dog breeds then a big dog. Small dog has a lot of benefits

They love children , they are there funny and playful , they do not require big living space and they are lovely

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