Choosing a dog breed

Buying a new pet, especially a dog can be very exciting. It is worth considering your lifestyle choices and those who live with you before choosing a dog breed. Choosing any family pet may depend on several factors which must be taken into account. Perhaps the most important question is: are you prepared to take good care of the animal and treat it accordingly?

If the answer to the above question is yes, the next step is to decide the reason you would like a dog. There can be many reasons such as protection, as a pet for a child, as a show dog or simply for the sake of companionship. This is an important factor in choosing the correct breed.

After that you should consider your living circumstances as many of the other decisions will depend on this. You should consider the area in which you live: do you live in the town or countryside? This can limit how often and where you can take a dog for walks. Next you should consider the size of your house: do you have ample space for the new dog to cohabit with the owners and any existing pets? Does your house have a garden where the creature can play or rest? It is also worth thinking about how often the pet will be left alone each day. If you are going for an expensive rare breed this will obviously have to be very limited; however on the flipside if you decide to choose a big energetic dog then you still may not be able to leave it alone for extended periods.

Another side of lifestyle considerations is the associated costs with raising a pet. Ideally you should have a budget for basic needs such as foods and cleaning products. You should also take into account the possibility of other events happening. For example a situation may arise where you will need to leave the dog with somebody for an extended period of time on a paid basis. You should also think about health costs and possible veterinary services. A limited budget also means that your ability in choosing specially bred dogs may be more limited. However this should not stop you from being able to find a good pet.

Pets like human beings require attention and care. To many people their dog is a normal member of the household. Dogs must be given regular exercise and training to keep them active and in a healthy state. They must have necessarily health checks and be given essential vaccinations. Taking the dog down to the park for a walk is something you should fit into your weekly schedule.

Once you have acknowledged the extent of your lifestyle and your ability in raising a pet, it is time to decide the type of breed. The first thing to think about is the size. Make sure to discuss this with other members of the family as this is a big limitation on what breed of dog you may choose. Do you really have enough space for a German Shepard? Or are you prepared to deal with small Chihuahuas running around the house and having to look for them from time to time?

Perhaps one of the most underestimated things about any pet is the aging of the animal. Animals have a different lifespan to human beings. The reason that this is important is as important as buying the pet in the first place. Considering many people buy dogs for company, a family can very easily become attached to the animal. The pet becomes a ‘member’ of the family. For many people loosing a pet can be as shocking as loosing a very close relative.

Once you have planned and taken into account all factors, its time to make the exciting trip down the pet store or going to see a few dogs with other family members. Then you can hopefully make a decision as to who you would like to welcome to your house as new member.

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