Beagle Dog – Dog Breeds – facts You Should Know Before Owning

In this article we will firstly look at the simple stats of this great breed, then move on to an in-depth look at whether you will be suited to this dog.

Breed group: Hounds

Weight: 18-30 lbs

Height: 13 inches


Beagle is very popular as scent hounds because they have lots of energy, willingness – and possesses a sweet nature. It is believed that this breed has its origin in England, where it was developed as a cross between the Harrier and other hounds in England. Beagles have been used packs, alone, and in pairs. These dogs were used for the hunting of hare, pheasants and quails. This breed also makes excellent narcotics detection dogs, and wonderful family companion dogs. Due to the fact that these dogs are uniform in size and also small, they are frequently used for medical trials.


This breed is very intelligent and very cheerful. The Beagle is on of the most animated dog breeds. They are calm, energetic, curious and sweet, and will attach itself to anyone who gives them attention and affection. The Beagle loves to socialise, and do very well in families that have small children. Beagles will also get along well with other dogs, but should not be left alone with other animals. These dogs will see cats and other small animals as prey, and they will probably not get along well with these animals. Being very strong-minded and active, Beagles might require extra training to ensure that they learn what suitable behaviour is. This breed will not do well when left alone for extended periods, as this might lead to destructive behaviour.


This breed should be brushed on a daily basis to get rid of any loose or dead hair. It is not necessary for these dogs to be bathed very often, and wiping them down with a damp cloth should be sufficient. Also ensure that the ears of these dogs are cleaned on a regular basis, as the Beagle is likely to suffer from painful ears or ear infections. The nails of these dogs should also be trimmed often. These dogs are average shedding dogs, and this can be controlled if they are combed on a regular basis.


Beagles should be trained to control their bark, but this might be more difficult for younger dogs. These dogs have an inborn nature to go after their noses, and will travel very far if they are let off their leash. Beagles should be kept in an area that is fenced in. In general, Beagles are very intelligent and quick to learn. They will get used to their environment very quickly, and will learn new behaviours easily. Beagles should be socialised from an early age onwards, and should not be left alone for lengthy periods. If Beagles are trained correctly, they will listen well. If not, they might ignore the commands of their owners. It is important to train these dogs in a consistent and firm manner in order for the best results to be achieved.

Health problems

Beagles are tough dogs that are fairly healthy, but they may go through some unhealthy periods from time to time. Some conditions that potential owner should be aware of is hip dysplasia, achondroplasia, back problems, eye anomaly, epilepsy and heart disease.

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