Best Dog Walking Service in Erskine

In the previous article series we wrote about the best dog grooming services in major locations, this article is about choosing the best dog walking service in Erskine, UK.

Professional dog walking in the United Kingdom has grown rapidly over the last decade. However there are no regulating body to dictate the required qualifications for this service or proper rules and regulations. It is hence imperative to do your research before choosing a dog walking service for you pet.

Dog walking requires specialized skill sets and specific knowledge to ensure the safety of the dogs during emergency. The following is a list of factors that we considered while choosing the best Dog walking service in Erskine.

1) Are the walkers adept at canine learning theory, have a proper body language, and pack management?

2) How many dogs a particular walker will handle at once? Higher the number of dogs greater will be the potential for conflicts, injuries and might increase the potential of losing dogs.

3) Will the walker walk alone or with a company. A walker walking along with a friend (or friends) might reduce his attention. You should also know about the use of cellphone while walking.

4) What size dogs are taken together? Usually small dogs get injured during the walk if they play among their larger peers. As a rule of thumb it is not safe to take a small dog with other dogs that are weighing more than twice the weight of the small dog. If you are an owner of a small dog then you should know about this.

5) The minimum guaranteed time for every walking session. Every walking session provides the much needed workout for your dog, so you should be aware of the minimum guaranteed walking time.

6) The kind of training techniques and equipment used while walking. All the equipment used should be safe on dogs and should be based on the recommendations of SPCA.

7) Is the Dog walking service licensed and insured?

8) Checkout if the service provider offers you a proper service contract.

9) Are the walkers certified to provide first aid for the dogs and know other protocols they have to follow during emergency.

Based on these factors we rated this Erskine Dog Walker as the best dog walking service in Erskine. Even if you are not from Erskine or UK this list can help you in deciding on the best dog walking service in your area. There is a boom in this niche industry, with lot of new dog-walking companies coming up, therefore choosing the right one might be difficult, follow this checklist to find the best dog walking service in your vicinity.

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