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Dog Walking is an important part of dog care. It is more significant today because of the growing weight problems associated with the dog community. Some drug manufacturers like Pfizer are now marketing weight loss products for dogs.

A research study says that there are 17 million overweight dogs in the United States alone. The major factor associated with the massive increase in overweight dogs is sedentary lifestyle (just like human).

Dog Walking serviceTaking your dog for a walk regularly is the best way for them to get some physical activity. Walking and running sessions for dogs not only improve their health but also improve the bonding with the owner. Proper nutrition and regular walking sessions can improve the health and lifespan of the dogs. Providing your dog with proper nutrition is not a difficult task, however taking the dog for regular walking sessions is not so easy.

New owners find it difficult because the dog pulls them all over and it becomes a hard task to control the dog in the outdoors. There are a few tips for the new dog owners to overcome this problem, the simplest of them is using a dog backpack with snacks and water. Dog with a backpack loses the desire to pull you and also after a couple of days the dog understands that it’s all set for a walk the moment you mount the backpack. They will become very co-operative. However the best and professional way for new dog owners to provide daily walking opportunity is to use a good local dog care or dog walking service.

Long term dog owners also will not be able to take their dog for a walk regularly. Vacations, work load and tiredness might prevent you from taking the dog for a walk. However the dog will miss the walking session as that is the highlight of the day for every dog. So even long term dog owners can hire a good local dog care service, thereby helping their pet to stay happy and healthy.

Best Dog Walker in Great Neck:

This week we tried to find a good dog care service in the New York state. We shortlisted a few and finally selected Dan’s Dog Walking and Pet Sitting. They provide a wide variety of services, and they provide their services in  Port Washington, Great Neck, Roslyn, Manhasset, Glen Cove, Glen Head, Sea Cliff and Old Brookville.  Though dog care is their main service domain they also provide sitting services for cat, bird, fish, lizard, frog, and also other pets.

The best part about their service is their flexibility as they provide highly individualized service and provide top notch customer support. That is the reason “why we chose Dan’s Dog Walking and Pet Sitting”

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